Fun day focuses on science at Raguet

Fun day focuses on science at Raguet
Posted on 12/04/2018
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Magnets repel and attract, depending upon how the poles are aligned, a lesson young students regularly learn in school.

Raguet Elementary first-grade teacher Jennifer Opperman took the exercise to another level last week, strapping a magnet to the top of a Matchbox-size car and letting students demonstrate how like poles of magnets repel. In this instance, that force pushed cars down a track.

The lesson was part of Raguet’s Super Outrageous Science Day, a day of experiments and lessons the campus holds for each grade level over the course of the school year.

The lessons – and make no mistake, they are lessons illustrating fundamental aspects of science – are also fun. Other first-grade classrooms used marbles to demonstrate force and repelling, and another showed students how to change a liquid into solid by making ice cream.

Friday morning, Opperman asked her students, “How did you get the car to move?”

“By repelling,” they answered.

“And if it repelled, what poles come together?” she continued.

“North and north or south and south,” they answered.

Magnets attract opposite poles, which are either north or south oriented. Try to match up the same poles, and the magnets jump away from each other. That’s how students used the magnets to push cars down a track without ever touching the magnets.

In Vonda Hoppe’s classroom, students were rolling marbles on the floor. First, they moved them in a straight line. Then, Hoppe and a student demonstrated what takes place when the marbles roll directly into one another.

Super Outrageous Science Day allows students to participate in implementation of lessons they’ve learned so far. It’s a fun setting, says Assistant Principal Lindsey Turner, but also a chance for students to see practical and applications of the scientific concepts they’ve studied in class.

“The students can see, they touch and feel what science means in everyday life,” Turner said. “The exercises are fun and are a wonderful way to experience science.”


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