It's Time! 2016-2017

July 27, 2016

It’s Time! As we welcome July and prepare for the new school year.

I have met with many of you if not most in the district and found lots of hope – and good reason for it! We face many challenges and many opportunities. It’s time to be meet these challenges and opportunities with hope and determination. It’s time to take action towards our goals with a clear plan. It’s time to look forward to the possibilities with focused ideas to achieve success. It’s Time!

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I address you as the Interim Superintendent of Nacogdoches ISD. I am humbled and honored by the responsibility to lead our district forward. It is our core purpose and responsibility to ensure nothing gets in the way of teaching and learning. All students deserve to be taught in a safe and secure environment. Every employee of Nacogdoches ISD plays a critical role in the educational process. During this transitional period, I will work diligently with the school board to move forward in the district’s core mission to educate and inspire everyone to achieve excellence. I would also like to acknowledge our teachers, principals and staff and pledge to them my ongoing commitment in providing leadership and support.

Our top priorities for 2016-17 will be discipline and academic achievement. Everything we do, every day will be focused on these two priorities.

Many agree that discipline starts at home. A tragic reality in today’s world is for many students discipline starts at school. We have just completed a successful two-day workshop to implement a strong, structured and consistent discipline program in every classroom. The new district-wide PK-12 discipline program will foster an environment to give the teachers the tools they need to ensure success in the classroom.

We will ensure all students are provided a quality educational experience. Students must understand we have high expectations for them in every class, every day. They are expected to be actively engaged, and we will provide them with a rigorous and inspiring learning experience. Our teachers are focused on instruction that is applicable and will ensure their academic success.

I want Nacogdoches ISD to be a place where we respect, value and support one another; a place where students can learn and teachers can teach; a place where parents are welcome and the community takes pride in its schools. I firmly believe it is up to our students, staff and community to determine how great our schools will be and it’s time! The Nacogdoches ISD Board of Trustees, parents, and our community have made it clear they expect the district to continue to move forward and improve our performance. We will begin with academic success and structured, consistent discipline. It’s Time.

It feels like something big and bold is about to happen here at Nacogdoches ISD, it feels like hope to me. It’s time to begin unifying and rebuilding our district so we can be successful in facing the extraordinary challenges before us. 

I look forward to leading the district and working with each of you to achieve success. Through collaboration and focused effort we will celebrate the day-to-day victories in learning, teaching and the culminating successes of our schools. It’s Time!



Sandra Dowdy