District Social Workers

Social Workers

 Ruby Ramon  Lauren Ivy Sieja  
Ruby Ramon, LMSW  Lauren Ivy Sieja, LMSW  Edward Harwell, LBSW 

As school social workers we work diligently to remove barriers to education for your child. We link the home, school, and community to provide resources to address the social, emotional, and educational needs your child may be experiencing.  Some of the ways we support students and their families include:

  • case management
  • individual and group counseling
  • crisis intervention
  • advocacy
  • information and referral
  • education
  • mentorin             

                                                                       Social Workers by Campus

Ruby Ramon, LMSW

936-564-2466 ext. 2236

Lauren Ivy Sieja, LMSW

936-552-0519 ext. 4127

Eddie Harwell, LBSW

936-569-5001 ext. 4530


  • Nacogdoches High School
  • Malcom Rector Technical High School
  • DAEP (for assigned campuses)
  • Teen Pregnancy and Parenting


  • McMichael Middle School
  • Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary
  • Carpenter Elementary
  • Fredonia Elementary
  • DAEP (for assigned campuses)


  • Mike Moses Middle School
  • Nettie Marshall Elementary
  • Raguet Elementary
  • Thomas J. Rusk Elementary
  • DAEP (for assigned campuses)